Encouragement for Reading Through the Whole Bible

Encouragement for Reading Through the Whole Bible

I love reading God’s Word, but I still haven’t found the perfect Bible reading plan. I find myself switching from one plan to another. Sometimes I want to listen to the audio while I read along. Other times I want to read at a fast pace. And there are also times where I want to slow down and prayerfully consider every word I read. There is no such thing as “the best way” to read God’s Word. The question is, are you reading it?

It is an unfortunate truth that the vast majority of Christians have never read their Bible all the way through. We should probably take some time to ask ourselves why we don’t read our Bibles.

If we simply evaluated how we spend the 24 hours of our day, there is a good chance we will find plenty of opportunities to schedule more time to read our Bible. It might mean we need to change our morning or evening routine. It might mean we need to eliminate frivolous activities (e.g., television, Facebook, Netflix binging, etc.). We might need to reduce the amount of time we spend doing good things if they crowd out the best things (e.g., reading other books, sleeping, exercise).

I have been inspired by the testimony of George Mueller who read his Bible almost 200 times over the course of his life. Think about that! You would need to read the Bible cover to cover four times a year (every 90 days) for 50 years in order to accomplish that.

Don’t be overwhelmed. Just get started. Pick one of the many Bible reading plans. You might be surprised how long it takes to read it all the way through.