Beginning Koiné Greek Class
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Beginning Koiné Greek Class

Koiné Greek Class

What: This is a beginning Koiné Greek course (no prior knowledge of Greek required) that is intended to teach students to read primarily the narrative portions of the Greek New Testament with comprehension and fluency, and to equip them to grow in their proficiency after the course is over. A Communicative Language Teaching approach will be utilized, which means that Greek will be taught as a living language. Immersion in the language leads learners to internalize its grammar and vocabulary much more rapidly, and opens the door for the learner to begin thinking in Greek, without needing to translate to understand what is written. Even if you have studied Greek before, this class is for you, since you will internalize the language in such a way that it becomes “living” inside you. Be prepared to have fun, move around, play with toys, read texts, laugh a lot, and, ultimately, to understand God’s Word better! Spouses and children are welcome!

Expectations: With consistent attendance and diligent work, the student can expect to:

  • Engage in simple conversations, give commands, describe events, share ideas, and discuss narrative texts, all in Koiné Greek.
  • Assimilate over 500 Greek words directly in the target language (not via translation), which will open the door for thinking in Greek.
  • Be able to read simple fictional stories, select parables and biblical stories from the gospel of Mark, and portions of the other gospels without a dictionary.
  • Comprehend the basic aspects of Greek grammar (roughly equivalent to one year of college-level Greek).
  • Be able to read through the Gospels and Acts in Greek using a Reader’s Greek New Testament and occasional references to a grammar book.

What NOT to Expect:

  • You will NOT be able to read the entire Greek New Testament fluently! Learning a language is no small task and it takes years to become proficient. However, this class will lay a solid foundation and equip you to become a life-long learner of Greek.
  • You will NOT learn the language simply by coming to class, but not studying throughout the week. In order for this course to be most successful, the student should expect to put in two hours of study per week outside of class (half an hour per day, four days a week is ideal).

Biblical HebrewRequired Texts:

  1. Living Koiné Greek—Part 1 Online (forthcoming) (Buth) $52 Contact instructor for details on ordering.
  2. Polis: Speaking Ancient Greek as a Living Language, Level One, Student’s Volume (Rico) $54 on Amazon
  3. Mark: GlossaHouse Illustrated Greek-English New Testament (Halcomb) $19.99 on Amazon

Where: Grace Clovis Presbyterian Church

When: Monday evenings 7:00–9:00 p.m.

Tentative Schedule: January 11 (first day), 18, 25, February 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, (no class March 7), March 14, 21, 28, April 4, 11, 18, 25, May 2, (no class May 9), TBD–December 12 (last day) (~40 weeks total)

Cost: The cost of this class is covered by Grace Clovis Presbyterian Church. The only cost students are responsible for is to buy the texts mentioned above (before the first day of class—see note below).

Contact: Scott McQuinn ( (913-940-2663)

Printable version of the flyer: Beginning Koine Greek Flyer

Please sign up for the course by filling out the form below. Note: There will be some light pre-course work, so it is important to sign up at least one week before the course begins!