The Twelve Apostles of Jesus (Luke 6:12-16)

The Twelve Apostles of Jesus (Luke 6:12-16)


This morning, we considered the notion that many of us feel like frauds. This afternoon, we will consider the notion that many of us feel useless. We may feel inadequate, unprepared, or disqualified. But, regardless of the underlying cause, we feel unproductive.

The gospel accounts of Jesus’s ministry can often feel like added helpings of guilt and shame.

Considering the gathering interest in the healing ministry of Jesus and the growing hostility of his opposition, how would Jesus ever accomplish his redemptive mission?

The mission of Jesus was fueled by prayer and accomplished through ordinary men.

Read Luke 6:12-16

The Fuel for Mission (12)

Why pray now? Possibly seeking direction in electing apostles.

How many times has Jesus separated from his disciples in order to pray? Is there any significant connection to the events that precede/succeed Jesus’s times of isolated prayer?

Consider: 3:21; 5:16; 6:12; 9:18; 9:28; 11:1; 18:1; 22:41.

The implication is that Jesus’s ministry began and continued in prayerful dependence upon God.

Prayer = Communion. Spending time with our God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Kapic While a saint’s consistency in prayer, corporate worship, and biblical meditation are not things that make God love him more or less, such activities tend to foster the beautiful experience of communion with God. Giving into temptations and neglecting devotion to God threaten the communion but not the union.

It’s easy to beat ourselves up about our lack of prayer.

Why is it so difficult to pray? We typically don’t need to be convinced of the importance of prayer, but we need to better understand its value.

We have an older brother who lives to intercede for us. We never pray alone.

If prayer characterized Jesus’s ministry it should characterize our ministry too. When people think of Grace Clovis they should think about our dependence upon God though prayer.

Prayer is the fuel, but what is…

The Tool for Mission (13-16)

We could say a lot about these individuals, but Luke is brief. He emphasizes that Jesus chose these apostles out of all his disciples.

Jesus chose those who were low and despised in culture to be his closest companions.

Jesus chose these twelve precise men, with all their obvious weaknesses, to carry out his mission (Luke 22:28-30).

It would have been a fearful privilege to be chosen by Jesus.

I had many opportunities to share my testimony in high school. Most were utter failures. My youth pastor asked me to share a brief experience with thousands of high school students, but I missed my queue.

However, one opportunity was particularly encouraging. It happened during my mission trip to Mexico my senior year. God’s use of my stuttering sermon to encourage the pastor was the confirmation I was looking for to pursue vocational ministry.

Most of us don’t need more information about Jesus’ mission, we simply need the confidence that he can and will use us to accomplish his mission.

We need to hear testimony of God’s use of ordinary men. We need to be reminded of how God has used us in the past.

We shouldn’t be hindered by the idea that we need to be someone we are not.

Is there a connection between these two sections?


  1. The Fuel for Mission (12)
  2. The Tool for Mission (13-16)

Is it not possible that our lack of usefulness is directly related to our lack of prayerfulness?

The mission of Jesus was fueled by prayer and accomplished through ordinary men.

Do you believe that? Do you pray with the knowledge that God hears you and has a desire to use you for the advancement of his kingdom? When God called you to himself, he had a purpose in mind.

The application is easy to understand: Pray and Go! Trust that the Lord will accomplish some aspect of his mission through you.