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  • Sunday School at 8 am. Worship at 9 am.

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Recent Sermons

“The Thousand Years” (Revelation 20:1-6)

The Thousand Years The Thousand Years Brad Mills / General Revelation / Millennium / Revelation 20:1–6   In Adolph Hitler’s first speech as the German Fuhrer, he assured the nation that Nazi Germany would last a thousand years. He believed that Germany needed to return to its roots in the Holy Roman Empire which inspired visions of “agriculture virtue, simplicity, community, and social harmony.” In other words, it was an inspiring and idealistic view of the future. Hitler often riled…

“The Great Supper of God” (Revelation 19:11-21)

The Great Supper of God The Great Supper of God Brad Mills / General Revelation / Second Coming; Christ as King / Revelation 19:11–21   Christians were already enduring various levels of persecution. A few had been martyred for their faith. Others were experiencing social and economic hardship, as detailed in several of the letters sent to the seven churches in Asia Minor (Re 2-3). Much of John’s vision warns believers to expect that persecution to increase. They were about…

“The Marriage of the Lamb” (Revelation 19:1-10)

The Marriage of the Lamb The Marriage of the Lamb Brad Mills / General Revelation / Joy; Heaven; Marriage of the Lamb / Revelation 19:1–10   Revelation contains many contrasting themes. Darkness is followed by scenes of bright light. The torments of persecution on earth are followed by the glories of saints in heaven. In this case we jump from the theme of the world lamenting at Babylon’s funeral to the saints rejoicing at the wedding celebration of the Lamb.…

“A Lament for Babylon” (Revelation 18)

A Lament for Babylon A Lament for Babylon Brad Mills / General Revelation / Judgment; Idolatry; Harlot / Revelation 18:1–24   Babylon and the beast represent the assault of Satan upon the Church through the seduction of our lustful desires and indulgence of our misplaced fears. Those threats are not finally removed until they are destroyed by Christ at his Second Coming. That can only be seen from a heavenly vantage point. The believer is filled with hope recognizing that…