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Worship Service at 9:00 AM

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1486 Tollhouse Rd., Clovis, CA 93611

  • Sunday School at 8 am. Worship at 9 am.

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Recent Sermons

“The Seven Bowls of God’s Wrath” (Revelation 16)

The Seven Bowls of God’s Wrath The Seven Bowls of God’s Wrath Brad Mills / General Revelation / Wrath of God / Revelation 16:1–11   Although judgment is a dirty word in our culture, it is biblical. The holiness of God demands his wrath. Liberal pastors minimize God’s wrath in order to be accepted by the culture. But this comes at a great cost to the truth and sufficiency of Scripture. Arguing against this tendency, Richard Niebuhr described the liberal…

“The Sea of Glass” (Revelation 15)

The Sea of Glass The Sea of Glass Brad Mills / General Revelation / Heaven; Worship; Wrath of God / Revelation 15:1–8   Let me begin by reminding you of some of the fundamental principles we have been following in order to better comprehend this challenging book. Given the nature of the apocalyptic genre, our default hermeneutic (how we interpret any given passage) should be to expect symbolism and metaphor. We see it throughout the book. That doesn’t make the…

“Absorbed in God’s Word” (Psalm 119:9-16)

Absorbed in God’s Word Absorbed in God’s Word Brad Mills / General Bible; Meditate; Purity / Psalm 119:9–16   One of my traditions has been to use the last Sunday of the year to prepare us for the new year. We have considered several psalms which help us to look back with gratitude. But I want to return to Psalm 119 and spend time picking up at vv.9-16. This is the quintessential chapter on God’s word. Almost every verse refers…

“Far As the Curse Is Found” (Matthew 2:13-23)

Far As the Curse Is Found Far As the Curse Is Found Brad Mills / General Advent: Now But Not Yet / Matthew 2:13–23   We opened this Advent series by looking at a passage that is rarely preached (Mt 1:1-17). Now we are closing the series with a passage that is rarely preached (Mt 2:13-23). Many come to church expecting a sermon specifically about the birth of Jesus on the Sunday before Christmas. But I have tried to show…