Sermon Archive (Page 35)

Mission Cyprus (Acts 12:25-13:12)

The earnest participation in the mission of God requires diligent preparation. Preparation for the Mission (12:25-13:2a) Pattern of the Mission (13:2b-5) Opposition to the Mission (13:6-12)

Good News of Peace (Acts 10:30-43)

We have seen a couple of pivotal moments in Acts. When the Holy Spirit descended upon believers in Acts 2. This moment sparked an evangelistic revival within the life of the early church that allowed it to experience rapid growth. However, as the church increased the persecution it faced also increased. When Saul, the man at the center of the persecution, was converted. Jesus appeared to Saul while he was “still breathing threats and murder against the disciples of the…

Hospitality and the Mission of God (Acts 10:17-29)

Francis and Edith Schaeffer founded L’Abri Fellowship in Switzerland in 1955 as a means of inviting students to ask their most challenging questions and experience genuine Christian care. Christine Pohl was one of thirty students who experienced L’Abri at another site in England. She writes, “It was there that I first saw how much more powerfully the gospel spoke when those who were teaching opened their homes and their lives to strangers—with no pretense, no perfection, but extraordinary faithfulness and…

Double Vision (Acts 10:1-16)

If it is true that, The Kingdom of God expands when the perception of cultural barriers are removed, how are we promoting their removal in our own lives?

Raising Hope (Acts 9:32-43)

After spending a lengthy emphasis on Saul’s conversion, Luke transitions back to Peter. Those who were afraid to join the Church because of the persecution were now free to do so without fear of oppression. But this text reminds us that a greater oppression remained, the oppression of sin and its consequences. However, we have a Savior who is capable of raising our hope tasting a future where all oppression will cease. Read Acts 9:32-43 The Church’s greatest persecutor has been…