Sermons on Covenant

Jephthah’s (Not So) Tragic Vow – Pt.2 (Judges 11:29-12:7)

1. Jephthath’s  Character  (10:17-11:28) Allow me to briefly remind you what we covered last week. We noted the way Jephthah was despised and rejected by his half-brothers as they drove him out of Gilead, ensuring he would not receive any portion of their father’s inheritance. Yet, when no one was willing to lead their military against the Ammonites, they went back to Jephthah offering to make him their head. Their self-serving ambitions were evident, but we can often relate struggling with our…

The Restoration of Israel (Amos 9:11-15)

We come now to Amos’ final words, and we are finally relieved to find that they are not words of judgment but of hope and promise. Nothing has changed on the part of the people. It’s not as if he saw some spark of interest in their eyes. In fact, we would not be surprised to find that many of the members of the original audience back in their homes, no longer listening to the rambling prophet. Regardless, this nation…

Mixed Blessings In Disguise (Genesis 27:1-40)

The will of God is accomplished through flawed individuals. There’s comfort and hope in that fact isn’t there? First, we will look at The Stolen Blessing (1-25). Second, we’ll see The Accidental Blessing (26-29). And third, we will note The Squandered Blessing (30-40).

Covenant Faithfulness (Genesis 24)

Ultimately, this passage is about the covenant faithfulness of God and the way he draws people into that covenant and blesses them within it. So we will consider three aspects of the covenant this morning: First, we will look at The Covenant Prayer. Second, we’ll see The Covenant Priority. And third, we will note The Covenant Privilege.

The Cost of the Covenant (Genesis 22:1-19)

We first have to ask the question: What kind of God would require such a test? First, we will look at A Crushing Command (1-2). Second, we’ll see A Devoted Dependence (3-10). And third, we will see A Promised Possession (11-19).

The Reward of the Covenant (Genesis 15)

In Genesis 12, God called Abram and gave him several promises. By the time we come to Genesis 15, not one of those promises has been fulfilled. Abram was promised he would be great nation (which implies he would have a lot of children), and his offspring was promised a land to inherit. The problem is that Abram doesn’t have a son, nor does he have an inheritance to pass on. First, we will look at the promise that God Gives Hope (1-6). Second, we’ll see that God Gives Assurance (7-11, 18-21). And third, we will note how God Gives Grace (12-17).