Sermons from May 2016

Multiplication Through Division (Acts 15:36-16:10)

Introduction I’m beginning to embrace the fact that math isn’t my strong suit. Our passage opens with Paul and Barnabas splitting up and concludes with 3x the number of missionaries on the field. On the heels of one of the most unifying events in church history comes a conflict that divides one of the greatest partnerships in church history! Read Acts 15:36-16:10 Unlikely avenues of growth. Confusion, chaos, perseverance. Faithful disciples persevere through confusing and chaotic circumstances by trusting in…

The Jerusalem Council (Acts 15:1-35)

The Jerusalem Council is a model for handling disputes of theological nature. Both sides voiced concerns. The Church stood firm on the gospel of grace, but revealed a cultural sensitivity that was necessary to maintain fellowship.

Mission Complete (Acts 14)

God is continually nudging the church forward through its bold proclamation of the gospel, courageous perseverance, and adoption His grand mission.

Mission Cyprus (Acts 12:25-13:12)

The earnest participation in the mission of God requires diligent preparation. Preparation for the Mission (12:25-13:2a) Pattern of the Mission (13:2b-5) Opposition to the Mission (13:6-12)